Commercial Storage

Don’t waste valuable office space on office records, surplus supplies, or unused furniture! Instead, store your items in our containers in order to put your business’ space to better use.

Our professionals will come pack your office, or we can provide a consultant for individual departments. You can even route incoming business furniture and materials directly to us for immediate storage. Items for storage are carefully inventoried, prepared, packed, and loaded in our containers. Each container has a Description Form that records the contents inside, making item retrieval easy and accessible.

We also offer storage solutions for office furniture, carpet, equipment, and supplies when renovating or moving your business. Scheduling is easy.

Domestic Storage

Whether your family is moving, or you just need a place to store some extra household items, we can help you with your storage needs. Our qualified and experienced teams will come to your residence, prepare the home with floor protection and banister pads, and move your selected items out of the home for you.

Each container holds up to two rooms of furniture and will be itemized showing the individual description of contents inside. The Description Form contains this information and is placed on the front, right side of the container. After being filled, your containers are stored together in a uniform row.

Once your items are safely in our facilities, personal access to your belongings is easy. You may inspect, add or remove items Monday-Friday. Simply call ahead, and with advance notice we will move your containers to the customer access area of our warehouse.